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Cloud Computing Tax Solution – iBiZZtax®

Let’s introduce you, the only Cloud Computing Tax Solution endorsed by LHDNM. iBiZZtax® is designed to simplify and supercharge your business by streamlining tasks and embracing digitalization. There are over 800 tax professionals subscribed to the service, and it has helped more than 400,000 SMEs with their online tax filing processes. We’ve transformed tax preparation …

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About Maha Digital Sdn Bhd

Maha Digital Sdn Bhd ( is a leading company specializing in the development of corporate websites and smartphone applications, renowned for their modern and visually stunning designs. With a team of seasoned professionals boasting a decade of experience in the industry, we have been providing exceptional UI/UX designs, application development, and web development services since …

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这是一个你绝对不想错过的数字时代,尤其在过去 2 年半的时间,全球饱受疫情肆虐,甚至严重打击国家、你,我的经济;我们不难发现,过去 2 年的时间,面对无法如常运营的企业员工,开始在电商平台或是社交媒体,开启人生新篇章! 电商平台: 马来西亚主要的电商平台泛指 Shopee / Lazada 等,在面对因疫情而导致限制行动令的期间,造就了超过 1,000,000 不等的个人收入;间中也成就了大马速递的迅速崛起! 社交媒体: 马来西亚最大的社交媒体就是大家熟悉的 Facebook,Instagram 还有最近渐渐在全球刮起的热潮 — TikTok;通过视频直播带货,另外一群自由业者诞生了!同样的,又是一个创造百万业绩的新渠道。 打造属于自己的电商网站 其实,不管是电商平台或是社交媒体,这些都是行销渠道,追根揭底还是必须要一个属于你自己的“落脚处”。在数码营销以《引流 – 截流 – 回流 – 裂变》的基本架构中,社交媒体的角色仅仅只是第一关《引流》;要想做到截流甚至裂变,没有导购到自己的电商网站,终究还是无法形成《回流》以及《裂变》的;而数字经济最重要的自动化消费模式,就是建立在最后这2个要点。 我们 Maha Digital Sdn Bhd 累积多年的 Online Business 经验,能够有效的解决你们落地,并产生数码营销中最重要的2个要点,回流以及裂变。


  Since 2004, I have been involved in the advertising and digital industry for over 18 years, assisting companies in Malaysia with their digital transformation. I have played a pivotal role in facilitating the digital transformation of Malaysian and international businesses. My extensive clientele in the advertising sector spans 50 diverse industries, fostering keen insights …

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